Hänseler Forte Boswellia

The extract of the Hänseler Forte Boswellia is harvested from the resin of the Indian frankincense tree offers a variety of advantages:

  • water-soluble
  • liquid
  • vegan
  • lactose- and gluten-free
  • no preservatives
  • optimal for travelling
  • alcohol-free

Twice daily, add 0,75 ml to a glass of water and drink in sips or take 0,75 ml undiluted.
Boswellia has a naturally and pleasantly bitter taste.

The specified dose must not be exceeded. Does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Water, thickening agent (gum arabic), Boswellia extract

100% vegan

Average nutritional values For 2 x 0,75 ml
Boswellia extract 38,0 mg
Boswellic acids 20,5 mg

50 ml bottle


Available in pharmacies and drugstores near you.


The use of boswellia resin (olibanum) has a long history in India, north Africa and the Middle East.

Like curcuma, boswellia has been used as a remedy in ayurvedic medicine in India for several centuries. Boswellia trees are part of the Burseraceae (torchwood) family.

Hänseler Forte - Boswellia
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