Hänseler Forte Ginger

Hänseler Forte Ginger with ginger extract and vitamin C offers a variety of advantages:

  • water-soluble
  • liquid
  • vegan
  • lactose- and gluten-free
  • no preservatives
  • optimal for travelling
  • alcohol-free

Twice daily, add 0,5ml to a glass of water and drink in sips

The specified dose must not be exceeded. Does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Water, L-ascorbic acid, thickening agent (gum arabic), Ginger extract

100 % vegan

Average nutritional values For 2 x 0,5 ml
Ginger extract 15 mg
Vitamin C 50 mg / 62,5 %*

*Dietary reference values (% of the recommended daily dose)

50 ml bottle



The ginger plant can reach 1.5 meters in height, but its real power lies in its roots.

The ginger roots contain a multitude of essential oils, including zingiberene, curcumin, and zingiberol. Similarly, the ginger roots are rich in mineral salts, including magnesium, calcium, or potassium. It is thus not surprising that ginger has been used for more than five thousand years on account of its therapeutic benefits, and that it is can now be found in many grocery stores.

Many therapeutic benefits that primarily involve its positive effects on the process of digestion and on appetite are currently accounted for on the ginger crops. The flavor of ginger roots is chiefly due to the spicy taste of its components like gingerol and shogaol. These bioactive components are specifically accountable for the unique lemon flavor that is so specific to a great many ginger-spiced dishes. The ginger plant originated specifically in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Presently, however, ginger is being grown in several other countries like Japan, India, Australia, France, or Nigeria, as well as in countries of Latin America like Peru.

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